Some context

I'm a huge fan of Kodi (previously XBMC). And I use firefox-send-to-xbmc and can highly recommend it. It gives you a right click menu for sending media links to Kodi.

But often I come across links that are not clickable, rather then just copied to the clipboard.
So I had a *.html file, where I made a clickable link every time I had to. So that I was able to utilize this nice addon.

As you can see, this is pretty inconvenient and needs more knowledge than it should (think about family members that know nothing about <a href="..."></a>).

The service

That's why I created It let's you send any URL to Kodi for playback.

You can setup several Kodi instances for comfortably choosing to which one the data will get sent to.

The website makes use of cookies. You can remove them by clicking "Reset to defaults" or disable them at all.

Sending custom JSON data

It's possible to add custom commands, that are transmitted to your Kodi instance.

If you access the /jsonrpc path without any additional data you will be presented with the full documentation of the JSON-RPC API in JSON schema format.

The JSON data you send will also be saved in a cookie, if you choose to use one.


As a starting point, I used this script from the Github user DomSless.


This is the first time I did anything with JS, so I'm pretty sure, there are many better ways to achieve what I did.

If you have any opinion about this, or found a bug, please let me know.