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Some context

I'm a huge fan of Kodi (previously XBMC). And I use firefox-send-to-xbmc and can highly recommend it. It gives you a right click menu for sending media links to Kodi.

But often I come across links that are not clickable, rather then just copied to the clipboard.
So I had a *.html file, where I made a clickable link every time I had to. So that I was able to utilize this nice addon.


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2 timelapse videos and how I made them.

Some time ago I started experimenting with timelapse videos. By no means I could consider myself a photographer. But with some simple commands and scripts, I was able to make some surprisingly nice videos.

This video spans from 02:30 till 05:58. So it was basically dark and I used a very slow shutter speed.

Download the original *.mkv-file

Creative Commons License


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Some impressions from my live-wallpaper.
All images belong to NASA.


Streamwall is a small tool I wrote, that allows the dynamic setting of images from livestreams as desktop-wallpapers.

I use it with the HDEV livestream (High Definition Earth-Viewing System), which shows live-images from the International Space Station (ISS).

Here I want to share some images I was able to enjoy on my desktop so far.


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Sort tags or whatever you wish with upper-case entries integrated.
Pure liquid, no plugin needed.


This code-snippet is inspired by this one, the user Christian Specht posted on stackoverflow.


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Monitors file-changes happened in the directory set in experms.conf.
If changes happened, it adjusts the file-permissions and ownership/group.

Since several years I have a home-server, mainly to share files over the LAN.

So it all started with a cronjob, that runs every 5 minutes and sets all desired permissions and ownerships recursively for certain directories.


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Quick and dirty script to convert Itunes-playlists into Rhythmbox-playlists.


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We're gonna install Arch Linux with a RAID1 on two 3TB harddisks and an encrypted LVM.

About this tutorial

WARNING: This tutorial was first published in January 2013. Some or a lot of information here could and will be outdated! Please refer to the Arch Wiki for up-to-date information.

This tutorial is based on this one from Jason Ryan.

The original guide from February 2012 still uses initscripts and there are a lot of other parts that I wanted to update / modify (e.g. there is no Arch Installer Framework anymore), so it better fits me and takes systemd into account. Further I used 3TB harddisks which needs some special treatment and I wanted to include some more information about basic installation, the original tutorial doesn't contain.


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